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Fri, 24 Jan 97 17:03:00 PST

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I got the message below from FESPACO, that came by email together
with a JPG file of the photos of me and my wife that we had submitted
with our entry forms. Obviously they are pretty computer literate...
cheers, Steve Smith, moderator
Email connection and Internet access is very new in Burkina Faso. In fact
only very few official services ( as indeed FESPACO ) has been
connected and the internet services are still on their trial stage.

Onatel in Burkina Faso will now be able to offer you connection to internet,
email and newsgroups at a cost.

The telephone system in Burkina Faso is of a very high quality. You can
easily establish connection to anywhere in the world using a 33 600 baud
connection. However, I agree that telephoning from the hotel is not cheap.
Alternatives will be provided by Onatel.

Looking forward to see you at the festival.

Martin Hansen

IT consultant at FESPACO

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