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Sony-Led Consortium Wins Major
$314 Million Contract to Build Egyptian "Media Production City"

Egypt Invests in Digital Technology to Enhance
Status as Media Centre of Middle East and Arab World

21 January 1997, London: A UK-based consortium led by Sony Broadcast &
Professional Europe, partnered with Kvaerner Construction, has won a
major $314 million contract from Egyptian state broadcaster, ERTU, to
build a digital production studio complex on the outskirts of Cairo.
The new 420,000 m2 studio complex will be the central feature of a
new Media Production City being built by ERTU and the focal point for
future television, video, and film media production in the region.

Unofficially dubbed "Hollywood on the Nile", Media Production City
will be one of the world's largest production studio complexes ever
built. Sited 25 km outside Cairo near a commercial and residential
district called 6th October City, it marks the beginning of a
multibillion dollar investment by Egypt to enhance its status as the
centre of media production for the Middle East and Arab world.

The initial three year contract involves the building of six digital
production studios totalling 4,200 m2, workshops and administration
buildings; multiple, fully-equipped television edit suites, outside
broadcast and support vehicles; and the supply of Sony Digital Betacam
television production equipment. A second phase involving another
seven studios and equipment is planned.

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