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Fri, 31 Jan 97 09:03:00 PST

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It is exciting to see how many of us are going to FESPACO. I got a stream
of enquiries for the documentary film list. A couple people have suggested
that perhaps it might be nice to all get together there. Logistics are
difficult at FESPACO and I'm already committed to organizing a dinner for
distributors of African films one evening, but please let me know if you
think it might be useful to all meet at some central place (any suggestions
on where?) some evening. Perhaps I could also put out a compilation list of

who is coming -- maybe just the names, institutions and contact addresses.

Please let me know either via the listserver, or directly to me at

Also I just got a big packet from the embassy (and they paid the postage).
I got FESPACO entry forms, and a couple flyers on FESPACO, and several
copies of the visa application form. (So if anyone needs one, I can fax it
to them.)

regards, Steve Smith, moderator

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