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Dear Dag
I received your enquiry about film and cinema in Zimbabwe and would like to
offer some assistance. Your subject is very topical since African
filmmakers are looking more towards co-productions as a way of becoming
independent of both the State and foreign aid. There is a realisation that
we cannot wait for financing and if we want to produce films which depart
from social/political message movies, then we have to produce without aid
or State funding. I am faxing to you a report I compiled of the Film
Workshop held during the Southern African Film festival held in Harare in
September last year. I hope this gives you some idea of the opinions
towards independent production. Since the workshop, a temporary Film
Producers Association has been established In Zimbabwe, to devise a White
Paper to present to the government, with the aim of setting up some sort of
film fund. At present there is no State support of the local film industry
and although film producers are not wishing to depend on State funding, the
government has expressed an interest in supporting the industry.
Please let me know if you receive my report. I will try to assist you with
up dates, by when do you need all your information?
I am assistant editor of a quarterly journal, Africa Film & TV, based in
Harare but publishing news of cinema and broadcast developments throughout
Africa. We also publish an annual directory, the Africa Film & TV Yearbook,
listing all key personnel in production houses and TV broadcast stations
throughout Africa. Our Yearbook has become a well respected industry
reference book and is the longest established in Africa.
If you are interested in purchasing a subscription, here are the details: a
European subscription costs UK Sterling 44. Please send your deatils and a
Sterling cheque to: Africa Film & TV, PO Box 6109, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Kind regards
Anna McKenna
Africa Film & TV

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