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Dear Peter Allen:

In response to your inquiry, MAMA BENZ is distributed by Filmmakers Library,
Inc., 124 East 40th Street, New York, NY 10016. T= 212-808-4980. Fax=
212-808-4983. It can be purchased, and in some cases at least, could also
be rented.

This is one of some 1,390 annotated entries in my recently published book,

Almost all entries have 100 word annotations. There is a 37-page detailed
Subject Index, a Names Index, and a Distributors Index. The word
"performance," which is interpreted very broadly, incorporates videos of
music, dance, drama, religion, oral tradition, women's studies, carnivals,
pageants, daily life, children's videos, ad infinitum. Put simply, the book
is concerned with African culture "in action." As Margaret Drewal puts it
in one of her essays, "Performance privileges PROCESS." I was not concerned
with masks in MUSEUMS, for example, so much as masks being MADE or

For the African Diaspora, the concern is with videos that reveal a direct or
implied performance tie-in to Africa. In many ways, the book has turned out
to be a kind of "visual anthropology directory." MAMA BENZ was a "natural"
for it. See the book's WEB site below.

Best wishes,

Carol Lems-Dworkin
Carol Lems-Dworkin Publishers
Box 1646
Evanston, Illinois 60204-1646
FAX: 847-869-4239
PHONE: 847-869-4235 or 847-328-1029

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