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01 Mar 1997 14:54:27 GMT

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Originally dated: 01 Mar 1997 14:54:27 GMT

I'd like to become a member of your conference. My name is Tanya
Kersey-Henley and I am the publisher/editor-in-chief of Black Talent News,
international trade publication for African Americans in the entertainment
industry. Many people refer to us as the "Black Hollywood Reporter"! We
publish 10x a year (double issues are July/August and December/January) and
each issue features interviews with leading industry professionals, how-to,
tv and film production charts, casting notices, career opportunities,
industry events calendar, and more.

I'd like to offer a sample copy of Black Talent News to any conference
who sends in a self-addressed 9X12 envelope with 55 cents postage to:

Black Talent News
PO Box 7374
Culver City, CA 90233-7374, USA

If you reside out of the country, please provide the appropriate conversion.

If anyone would like to speak with me my phone number is 310-642-7658, fax

Warm regards,
Tanya Kersey-Henley
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