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Subject: FYI: New CD-ROM on African Studies
Date: Tuesday, 04 March, 1997 1:56PM

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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997
From: Peter Limb

Recently published is a new CD-ROM entitled "African Studies".
The publisher states:

"This disc is published in South Africa and integrates
databases from Europe, Africa and the USA. It is a unique combination
of useful bibliographic databases, some of which have never before been
widely available. They include databases from:

The Africa Institute in South Africa
The School of Oriental and African Studies in London
The Institute of International Affairs at Wits University, South
The Africana database of the University of California, Los Angeles
The database of the Library of African Music in Grahamstown South

For more details contact:

Margaret Crampton
National Inquiry Services Centre (NISC SA)
22 Somerset St
Grahamstown, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: 0461 29698 Fax: 0461 29550

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