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We'd like to announce a new journal, The International Journal of
Cultural Studies to be published by Sage. The following is Sage's brief
description of the Journal:

The International Journal of Cultural Studies promotes investigation of
issues of culture and media in a global context and from a
post-disciplinary perspective. It features contemporary and historical
research into everyday practices, texts, and cultural forms, charting
new territories and new concerns for cultural studies.

The journal's editor is John Hartley with Roberta Pearson as the
associate editor. Both are at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

We're very much interested in getting outside the usual
Anglo/Australian/American nexus that dominates cultural studies and
including articles from/dealing with Africa, Asia, Latin America, the
Middle East and Europe although we would also welcome material from
Britain, Australia and the States. We would be interested in
articles that might be defined as "film studies," but not if they
deal with single texts or directors. In other words we are looking
for film studies done as cultural studies.

The first issue will appear in March or April of 1998 which means
that final copy will be due sometime in the Autumn of 1997 (we are
still working out these details with Sage)

If you have material that you think might be appropriate for the
journal please contact Roberta Pearson at the University of Wales.
Her e-mail is pearsonre@cardiff.

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