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Dear Steve,

It was a pleasure to put your face with your name on the night that I
attended the viewing of "Everyone's Child". You were right. FESPACO is

I stayed at the Hotel Sofitel Silmande and was very pleased with its 5-Star
Transportation to/from my hotel was terrific!

I saw about 5 films per day!
I am creating a webpage to celebrate my own experiences at the festival.
You will be able to access it from my personal FESPACO home page:
I'd be happy to publish comments from people on this listserv.

I finally met Regine Yoda, FESPACO Computer Information Office.
We took photos of each other for our webpages.
Regine is a very nice lady!
I even met her two lovely children who visited her while I was there.

Regine gave me the new URL for the OFFICIAL FESPACO HOME PAGE. It came
online just before the festival began. Of course, it is available in
English or French:

I have commented further, below.

At 11:16 AM 3/10/97 PST, you wrote:
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>Originally dated: Mon, 10 Mar 97 11:16:00 PST
>Dear African Cinema Listserver subscribers:
>The listserve has been idle for two weeks as I've been at FESPACO, and
>recovering a few days since then. I couldn't make the email connection
>there to home, but survived the withdrawal from my email addiction much
>better than I'd thought.

I got very close to being able to send an e-mail message, Steve.
That would have been one of the highlights of my trip, if it had happened.
When I go back to Burkina Faso in 1999, I WILL have Internet service!!!!

>The festival was in a word, GREAT! It is wonderful to see all the interest
>in African cinema. The cinemas played to pretty full houses, and the
>poolside at the Hotel Independance was always alive with conversations of
>friends and contacts that only get to meet every two years.

In 1999, I may book my reservation at the Independence, just so I can
*hang-out*! I heard many people describe it as the center of activity for
the FESPACO festival.

This was my first FESPACO. I know now, how to make if even better next

The harmattan
>was bad this year and the air full of dust. I heard some say it was the
>worst in 50 years! But the good side was that this kept it cooler,

Yes, the dryness was a great concern for me. Was it the dust that made the
air in Burkina Faso look polluted? Does the *Harmattan* have anything to
do with *desertification* in Northern Africa?

Ahhh! The dictionary!

"Harmattan: a dry, dusty wind that blows from the interior of Africa toward
the Atlantic, especially from November to March".

I was real concerned as to why the sky wasn't blue. It's because of the
Harmattan, huh? Trippy stuff!

>Our film won two awards as well. Both came with 2,000,000 CFA or about
> - although we're not sure how the money will come nor to whom exactly.
>I have the list of awards given, that I will post soon. (I got the 9th
>issue of the FESPACO NEWS that listed them all.) I've heard the English
>list I have may vary a bit from the French (and official) list.

Congratulations! It was at the viewing of "Everyone's Child" that I met
you! I would like to help, if I can, to bring some of the African films to
the Hawaii International Film Festival. Every year, I would ask "Where are
the African films?"

You see, in Hawaii, the film festival is predominantly Asian. The HIIF
organizers used to say that they didn't know of any African films. Well,
now I'll be able to tell them about some. I would be happy to help get
African films to Hawaii!!!!

Please add me to your "festival organizers listserv" database.

>So to all, the listserver is open again. To all who attended FESPACO,
>please send us your comments and reviews. What did you think about "Budd
>Yam" Gaston Kabore's film that won the Stallion?

I knew it would be a candidate for the Stallion, as soon as I saw the
opening titles. The production quality was great. The production quality
impressed me the most when I now try to remember.........

I saw so many films (about 5 per day) that it is really hard for me to
The EXPERIENCES have transformed into MEMORIES.......

I wish I could "Buud Yam" see it again.
I wish I could see them ALL again!!!!
I wish I could see them in theaters ON BIG SCREENS and rent them from video

Steve, who was the African man in the Safari hat? Everytime I saw him, he
was wearing that hat with a gorgeous African outfit. His clothes were very
unique. I believe his name was Joseph K....? He definitely was somebody
important associated with Buud Yam. Who was he?

I look forward to reading more of other people's impressions.

????????? "evoke beauty, truth, light and love....peace!"
@ @ & "be careful what you wish for .... you might get it!"
~ -
<> Prema Qadir, B.S.C.E. = 8< D

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