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Hello to all:

Wanted to say that I appreciated all of the reports from FESPACO. I would
have loved to attend!! Hopefully in 1999. I am part of the US
contingent working on the Multimedia Media Africa project under the
production of Kwaw Ansah, based in Accra, Ghana and Blackside, out of
Boston. We made a festival planner that talked about the project and I
would love feedback from anyone who received it. The project will probably
be making a formal announcement soon and I will keep all interested list
members posted.

Meanwhile I am hoping that someone out there can help me. I am looking for
a film called 30 Years of Solitude about the Eritrean fighters and their
war with Ethiopia. The film is made by an Italian company. I know that
copies are available in Eritrea but I have been unable to locate one in the
US. California Newsreel did not have it.

I'm also interested in any home movies, newsreels or stock footage of the
daily life in Ghana before independence (early 1950's)
home movies, newsreels or photographs of Nkrumah around 1947/48/49/50
newsreels or photographs of the Christianborg "riots" that occurred in 1948
footage or photographs of a young Nkrumah, when he was studying in the
United States
home movies or photographs of the defiance campaign in South Africa early
home movies or photos of women protesting passbooks in South Africa, early

I am aware of the Ghana Film Corp and Archives and in S. Africa of their
Nat. Film archive, at the Mayibuye Center and the Drum Magazine photo
collections. What I am hoping for is material from individuals who were
there, involved with the various protests or newsreel footage and photos
that might be in a private collection.

If anyone has any information please contact me:

Jeanette Woods
Blackside, Inc.
486 Shawmut Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
FAX 617-536-1732

All information is appreciated.


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