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I recently got a really good 64 page booklet from ZEBRA with lots of well
written, informative articles on the media in South Africa. Below is a
listing of the table of contents:

1. Introduction - to the South African Audio-Visual Media Scene, by Karen

2. Shaping Policy -Towards a Democratisation of Information and
Communication by Tshepo Rantho

3. From Broadcasting to Bitcasting - Community Broadcasting and new
Technologies by Cassim Shariff

4. Democracy and the Media - from Policy to Practice in Public and Community

Broadcasting by Dimitri Martinis

5. Reconceptualising Public Service Broadcasting - within the South African

Broadcast Environment by Ruth Elizabeth Teer-Tomaselli

6. The Role of Community Television - in Development and Nation Building
in South Africa by Chuck Scott

7. Participatory Communication - a Theoretical Exploration by Kubeshni

8. Greater Durban Television by Mike Aldrige

9. The Independent Production Sector by Nicky Newman

10. The State of Film Distribution in the new South Africa by Richard

11. Training for the Audio-Visual Sector in South Africa by Nicky Newman

12. So, Where is the Money Going to Come From by Karen Thorne

The price for one copy of "Voices and Visions - Audio-visual media in the
new South Africa" is US$10 outside Europe and add US$5 for postage. Within
Europe they want to be paid in Danish Kroner, DKK60 and DKK20 for postage.
Contact ZEBRA Information Centre, Elmegada 5,1, DK-2200 Kobenhavn N,
DANMARK; tel: 45-35-36-40-70; fax: 45-35-36-02-15; email:

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