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The Second International Conference on Entertainment-Education and Social
Change will be May 7-9 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Participants
will be coming from around the world.

Panels include "The Soul City Experience in South Africa," "Listen Up!
Using Music to Motivate" and "The State of Theory and Research on
Entertainment-Education, including Dr. Albert Bandura, Dr. D. Lawrence
Kincaid, Dr. Emile McAnany and Dr. Everett Rogers.

Field Reports include "National Communication Campaigns and the Role of
Entertainment-Education," "Radio and Participatory Approaches to Message
Design" and "Behind Door Number One: Television Game Shows." The Johns
Hopkins University's Center for Communication Programs, UNICEF, the
Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street), MTV, the World Health
Organization and Population Services International are among the
organizations making presentations.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for
Communication Programs and Ohio University's Communication and Development
Studies Program.

Now is the time to register for the conference. For more information or
for an on-line registration form, visit the conference's web site at:
I'm going, anyone else going too? Steve Smith

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