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is a new international electronic journal of visual media and history,
concerned with:
+ the history of film, television and multimedia,
+ the representation of history in/on these media,
+ the role of these media in social history.
It will publish material of interest to historians of film and media, to
film and media scholars, to social historians interested in the place of
film and media within general history, to film-makers interested in the
history of their craft or in representing history through their
productions, to film and media librarians and archivists.

You can find us (in developmental mode) on:

This is a general call for contributions to all sections of the journal,
but we are also particularly inviting submissions on the following:
- regional studies of film before World War 1;
- visual media archiving policy and philosophy;
- regional studies of film and television in the fifties and sixties;
- the representation of women in film of the twenties and thirties.

The journal's email address, for correspondence with the editors, is:

Peter Hughes Department of Media Studies La Trobe University Bundoora
VIC 3083
ph: +61 3 9479 3065 (w), fax: +61 3 9479 3638 (w)
Jay Ruby, Temple University, PO Box 128, Mifflintown PA 17059 USA
Office- 215-204-7513 Fax - 717-436-9559 Email -
Web Site of my research:
Francis Cooper
Secure the Shadow:

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