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From: owner-videazimut
please respond directly to Paper Tiger TV (contact info below) if you are
interested. Deep Dish TV is a member of Videazimut.
Show us how you use communications
technology in your community!

Is access to information and the ability and means to
communicate that information a privilege or a basic
human right? We think it's the latter and Paper Tiger
Television and the Deep Dish Satellite Network are
preparing a series of television programs that examine
these alternative approaches to non-commercial
communications from around the world. The series will
examine various not-for profit groups internationally
who produce media that differs from the dominant media
of their country. We would like to highlight the
struggles faced in producing and distributing
alternative media, as we frame the program in terms
of the need for such media and an international media
policy which challenges the media monopoly by multi-
national conglomerates and governments and that allows

The balanced flow of information between countries.

A media in which all people are represented and
can represent themselves through access to the
media, regardless of their economic status.

Access to vital information and information critical
of the existing socioeconomic and political order.

Media which allows for debate and discussion.

A media which respects and preserves cultural diversity.

We are in agreement with the declarations and efforts of
other international media organizations such as AMARC and
Videazimut and hope that this series will help to highlight
and further their efforts as well.


We invite you to participate in this program by
submitting the following:

1) A sample of your media.

2) A piece of media addressing some of the questions
below: we would prefer it if you are able to produce a
short (five-ten minute) low budget video with a member
(or members) of your group or community explaining how
and why you are producing media.
If you are unable to produce a video, please
don't let this discourage you from participating as we
would also welcome audio tape or written submissions.
If you are not sending video, we would appreciate
photos that illustrate what you are discussing.
If possible, please make your submissions in English.
We encourage you to contact us with any questions before
making this submission. We will most likely have more
questions for you!

3) A sample and critique of the main-stream dominant
media in your country. (optional)


Some questions to consider in framing your response:

1) Describe the media you produce: with what issues is
your media concerned? What format do you use and why
(radio, video, etc.). What is your approach to production?
(Is it collective based or open to participation by the
community, or other )

2) How is the media you produce different from the
dominant media? Please give a brief critique of the
dominant media in your country.

3) Why is it necessary to produce your own media?

4) What challenges do you face in producing and
distributing your media?

5) Is there assistance or support in your country
for your communications activities?


Please send materials by July 15th 1997 to the address
below. If you have questions write, call or e-mail
Michael, Linda, Sandra or Jessica at:

Paper Tiger Television
339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 420-9045
(please put 'Call for Tapes' in the subject heading)

Paper Tiger TV is a non-profit volunteer collective
that has been pioneering media criticism though video
since 1981. The diverse series of over 260 programs
addresses issues of democratic communications, media
representation and the economics of the information
industry. The tapes are broadcast in NYC and across
the U.S. The tapes are also distributed by Paper
Tiger to universities, libraries, and media art
centers worldwide.

Forwarded by
Videazimut International Secretariat
3680, rue Jeanne-Mance, bureau 430
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2X 2K5
telephone 1 514 982 6660 fax 1 514 982 6122

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