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by Thomas Harding, undercurrents

to be published by Pluto Press in September 1997

"The Video Activist Handbook" is both a practical guide to video activism
and a political briefing for the burgeoning protest movement worldwide.
Arguing that the powers that control the media and the practices that
govern it have stifled political debate and marginalised the concerns of
ordinary people, the Video Activist Handbook charts the recent rise in
non-violent direct action/ DIY culture and shows how video activism has
grown and flourished as a key tool in campaign and community organising.

A lively survey of the international video activist scene and historical
antecedents of these new protest movements provides the context for a
sharply critical assessment of mainstream media agendas - and their
limitations. Harding takes the reader through the various aspects of video
activism 'on the ground' and looks at new opportunities now developing for
the spread of video activism and DIY TV in the struggles for social justice.

Chapters include:

* A history of video activism
* Legal use of video
* Selling footage TV
* Making a campaign video
* Putting video on the Web
* Editing a campaign video
* Organising a video screening
* Training activists how to use video
* Getting good sound and video

The book also includes over hundred case studies of video activism around
the world as well as inspirational photos of video activists in action and
video grabs from activist footage.

A pre-publication sale price is in effect for orders received by July 31,

For info contact

(UK only) Pluto Press, FREEPOST, ND 6781, London N6 5BR

(Worldwide), Pluto Press, 345 Archway Rd, London N6 5AA (include P&P 20% of

order value)

We can be more possible than they can powerfully imagine

Thomas Harding
Undercurrents Productions
16b Cherwell St
Oxford OX4 3LB
Tel: 01865 203661
Fax: 01865 243562
web: (undercurrents temporary web site)

Forwarded by:
Videazimut International Secretariat
3680, rue Jeanne-Mance, bureau 430
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2X 2K5
telephone 1 514 982 6660 fax 1 514 982 6122

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