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From: Kenneth W. Harrow, Michigan State University

I am pleased to announce that Amnesty International has now
produced a film on the genocide in Rwanda, "Forsaken Cries:
The Story of Rwanda." The film was made by Kathy Austin,
Andrea Torrice and a team of others, is narrated by Danny
Glover, and provides an excellent overview of the conditions
that gave rise to the genocide, the reality of the genocide
in 1994, and its aftermath. It was made by a human rights
organization, and so is concerned with how we address the
problem of genocide from a human rights point of view. There
are interviews with Alison des Forges, Richard Goldstone of
the International Criminal Court, and AI's Adotei Akwei.

It is a good film. It runs 30 minutes.

I was involved in getting this project off the ground -- it
was long and difficult, and we have to thank Mort Winston,
chair of the Board of Directors of AIUSA, for his support
that made the film possible.

The film comes with a notebook of educational materials,
providing historical background on Rwanda, on the genocide, on
the tribunal, on women's human rights violations, on the
failures of the international community, etc.

To obtain a copy of the film and the educational packet send
$25 plus $5 for handling and shipping to AIUSA Publications,
322 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10001

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