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About: How to find Archival Ethnographic film footage

Tue, 10 Jun 97 19:23:00 PDT

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You might try Haddon: the online catalogue of archival ethnographic film
footage, at

The catalogue contains records for more than 1500 films, mostly
documentary, shot between 1895 and 1945. Each record contains addresses
and details for locating and viewing the film.

The search engine provided with the catalogue is not very good so you
should not give up too quickly if you don't find what you want. I have
found the best way to locate a film is to have the catalogue to make a
list of films for the area in which you are interested, and then to look
through the list.

Gregory McKinney
Reference and Information Services
Paley Library
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Joseph J. Gonzales wrote:

> Subscribers, I am looking for ethnographic or documentary films on the
> BaMbuti, Twa, or BaMbenga Pygmies of central Africa and on the Rastafari
> from any part of the world. I would also be interested in any fiction or
> narrative films depicting Rastafarian living. Does anyone have any film
> recommendations and availability information?
> Thanks,
> Joseph
> Joseph J. Gonzales
> Department of Anthropology
> Temple University
> Philadelphia, PA 19122
> 215/927-1629

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