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Originally dated: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 01:19:07 -1000

by Prema Qadir

I think my favorite film of the 1997 FESPACO was a film by Balufu
BAKUPA-KANYINDA of Congo (formerly Zaire) called "LE DAMIER: PAPA NATIONAL
OYE!" If you ever get a chance to see "Le Damier"...... GO!!!!

The film was shot in Black & White and the cinematography is brilliant! I
don't know if it had anything to do with the real-life country of Congo
(formerly Zaire), one could definitely find parallelism.

I met both the director/screenwriter and producer of "Le Damier" at a
screening of the film at the Neerwaya Theatre in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
After the screening, I shared a taxi with the producer/photographer,
Stephen ORIACH, who supplied me with posters and information about the
film. I promised Stephen that I would make a web page for Le Damier, since
I loved the film so much.

If you have seen this film and would like to write your personal
impressions about it, I would be interested in featuring some of your
comments on my web page. If you e-mail me your photo, I'll include it with
your comments.

I'm not making any money creating my FESPACO Report, so it is coming
together as my spare time permits - a work of love. Perhaps by the time
the next FESPACO Festival convenes (1999), I shall have completed my 1977

Stay tuned......... + 8< B

BTW, if anybody has an e-mail address for Stephen ORIACH or Balufu
BAKUPA-KANYINDA (they live in France), then please send. I will be sending
them a communication via snail mail soon.

******* Africa Film Review: 1997 FESPACO Report *******
(You will find the listing for Le Damier at the left edge of your screen.)

love, prema = 8< )
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