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I am a Guinean anthropologist and would like to offer my time in
response to your request regarding Camara's film. I am also on the last
stretch toward launching webGuinea, a site
collecting and publishing data, information and knowledge on Guinea. The
URL displays a dummy page, to be replaced next
week probably by actual content.
Regards. wrote:
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> from: Cornelius Moore, California Newsreel
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> California Newsreel's Library of African Cinema is in the
> process of acquiring a new feature film by Guinean filmmaker
> Mohamed Camara entitled DAKAN. It is the first African film to
> deal directly with the question of homosexuality.
> An important part of the film is the unsuccessful attempt to
> "cure" one of the young men by a traditional healer (the
> ceremony seems to center on his mother, her "linceul" - the
> bloody sheet from her wedding night - and mud).
> We are looking for an Africanist familiar with traditional
> Guinean beliefs who can view the program and possibly offer some
> background on this ritual which we can use in the program notes.
> Also any general info on attitudes towards homosexuality in
> Guinea would be greatly appreciated. Cassettes (at present) is
> in French with French subtitles when characters are not speaking
> French. If you would be interested in helping us please contact
> us or suggest people we might contact.

- Tierno S. Bah
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