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Tue, 15 Jul 97 18:02:00 PDT

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She can perhaps contact the Black International Film Festival people in

Contacts for Black Int;l Film Festival/Fountainhead Tanz Theatre are:

Angela Kramer, Production Coordinator
Gayle McKinney Griffith, Co-Founder/Co-Director
Donald Griffith, Co-Founder/Co-Director
Hohenfriedbergstr 14
10829 Berlin, Germany
Tel: 0049-30-782 16 21, 751 84 38
Fax: 0049-30-786 34 66

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Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 3:49PM

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to participate on this conference but first of all I would
like to get more information about films made by Africans about African
topics. I admit I am totally new in this subject and therefore I need a
It is better when I talk in plural: WE are looking for help.
We, consisting of a few students at the University of Leipzig/Germany,
plan to organise a so-called "Afrikanischer Film-Monat" (African Film
Month) where films about this continent should be shown. This is our
premiere because we have the idea: Doing an individual book research in
the libraries is just a little piece of getting more to know about Africa
when the "Fine Arts" are left out. And after the film whose message moves
our hearts a following discussion is more possible.

We would be pleased to get in touch with others.

Yours sincerely

Annett Mueller

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Would you be so kind as to send me hints/information concerning african
films (latest ones)?

Thanks Annett Mueller
[this is a compilation of a couple notes from her, so it is a bit confused,
sorry, Steve Smith,]

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