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Dear fellow readers and contributors to this conference.

I have recently become a subscriber and without knowing the mission of
this conference I appreciate its existence and purpose. As a non-standard
English speaker it has been unfortunate to read the
remark made by Steve last week. You need not feel defensive about the
reactions of the readers for these are not personal attacks but
Your role as the moderator is a great responsibility. It is not easy to be
non-judgmental. Whether or not you are contributing to promoting
pan-African films for "free" or not is not the issue. The issue for all of
us is that we care enough about producing and marketing conscious images of
black people. We are cognizant that our contribution to media is
totally marginalized at this point in time, it therefore behooves us to pay
attention and respect every positive contribution that is made towards the
success of black media. As a southern African graduate, producing film
student, Ecrans d'Afrique was the first resource that had a profound
impact on my identity as an African producer and director. Thank you
and keep up the vital work.

Wabei Siyolwe

p.s. I don't speak fluent French but would be willing to assist in
finding someone to help the editorial staff with the translations.

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