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Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:05:50 +0300 (EET DST)

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Hi Frances,

Sheila Petty has written at least two interesting articles on Safi Faye:

"(Re)Presenting the Self: Identity and Consciousness in the Feature Films
of Safi Faye," in International Women's Writing: New Landscapes of Identity,
(Eds) Anne E. Brown and Marjanne E. Gooze (Westport, CT; Greenwood Press,

"How an African Woman Can be: African Women Filmmakers Construct Women",
in Discourse, Spring 1996 (I have this article as a manuscript, but
to Sheila Petty it was supposed to be in Discourse)

Hope this helps you

Mari Maasilta

P.S. I also have the home address for Safi Faye. If you need it, you can
contact my personal email address.

> Originally from: "Frances K. Gateward" <>
> Originally dated: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 15:43:16 -0700 (PDT)
> Greetings to everyone,
> I am writing an essay on Safi Faye for a publication on women filmmakers
> and their films. Unfortunately, I am having a lot of trouble locating
> information on her, and critical essays on her films. I do have access to
> Pfaff's Twenty Five Black African Filmmakers, the article by Angela Martin
> in Framework, and Le Cinema au Sengal by Paulin Soumanou Vieyra. Does
> anyone know of any articles/books written in the 1990's? Anything would
> appreciated.
> Frances Gateward

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