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Fri, 1 Aug 1997 16:33:03 +0200

Originally from: John Badenhorst <>
Originally dated: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 16:33:03 +0200

Having been away from my desk for some weeks, I have been most
interested to read ALL the e-mails relating to Steve saying the English
in ECRANS is not really English and he's throwing in the towel! I
think it is a shame to miss out on so informative a mag, but must say,
in all objectivity, that the English translations ARE really peculiar
and do nothing to communicate the magazine's valuable message to a wider
audience. Thus working AGAINST the very cause they promote. I also
think that one should not be defensive about criticism and confuse this
with hostility ... Steve Smith would not spend so much time on this user
group if he were not PASSIONATE about the cause of African Cinema, as
are we all. I HOPE that the misguided soul who accused him of being in
it for the money has APOLOGISED by now!!!

THANKS for hanging in there Steve and thanks to one and all for
interesting comment.

THANKS John for the kind words. I didn't take offense. I see lots of email
listservers and know that sometimes messages come through nastier sounding
that the sender really means. Also it is great to see that so many do read
the postings and to have them involved in the listserver. I do love the
African Cinema business as I know you do, and many others that are
subscribers too, and we will all do what I can to help it grow and develop.
Cheers, Steve Smith

PS. I'm waiting from a reply from Ecrans, and hope to be able to post it
soon. I asked for their email address (if any), and if there was a way that
some of the people in our group could help review translations. I think
several of the commenters on this issue that speak French and English would
probably be willing to provide a bit of help on a voluntary basis.

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