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Announcing open position for full-time Coordinator of the African Media
Program at Michigan State University, available immediately.

To request an application, phone the MSU Employment Office at
(517) 432-1662. Closing date for applications if August 15, 1997.

For questions about the position, telephone David Wiley, Director,
African Studies Center and African Media Program at (517) 353-1700.

Here is the formal university description of the position:


Educational Program Coordinator II (Grade 12)
African Studies Center (54028)
Position #: ISP 2022

REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in the social sciences or humanities with course
work or significant experience in Africa and/or African Studies; two years
of related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience
in project management; superior writing (reviews and critiques) and editing
skills; competence in word-processing; experience in supervising secretarial
and student labor.

DESIRED: Africa-focused advanced degree in humanities or social sciences;
critical expertise for reviewing Africa-related audio-visual materials
(videos, films, slide-tape presentations, etc.) and educational materials
(textbooks, curricula); competency in Windows functions, WordPerfect 6.1 (or
greater), and a database program(s); experience in grant writing.

BASIC FUNCTION: Administer the complex process of reviewing films, videos,
and other educational audio-visuals concerning Africa and bringing these to
publication; supervise secretarial and project assistants in identifying,
locating, obtaining, and describing A-V materials concerning Africa;
supervise the development of a database of A-V materials and reviews; locate
appropriate faculty and students and enlist their assistance in critically
reviewing these A-V materials; write and edit concise reviews of high
quality and assemble these and diverse data and text into monograph form;
organize workshops on African film in the undergraduate curriculum/ assist
program directors in all aspects of program administration. Duties
associated with this position involve working on a video display terminal
perhaps 40 percent of the time and reviewing A-V materials. This is an
off-date position expected to end September 14, 1999, with possible
extension. Salary is approximately $32,000 per annum.
Christine Root and David Wiley
729 Sunset Lane - East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: (517) 332-0333 Fax: (517) 432-1209

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