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Tue, 5 Aug 97 18:27:10 -0000

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Originally dated: Tue, 5 Aug 97 18:27:10 -0000

Premier, the magazine that I'm working for, is the biggest selling
Swedish film magazine with a circulation of 80 000 copies published 6
times annually. In each issue we run an article where we put the focus on
an interesting film country. In our September issue we would like to
acknowledge Burkina Faso which has for several years been in the front
line of West African film.

I would by this message like to get in contact with anyone who feels
he/she has a knowledge in the Burkinabe film industry and feels
he/she could help me with this article either by letting me make an
interview by telephone or e-mail or by suggesting other names that I
could talk to on the subject.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,
Charlotte Pruth
vice editor, Premier

telephone +46 8 611 03 30
fax +46 8 611 02 90

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