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Fri, 08 Aug 1997 11:15:58 +0100

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    Originally from: "Clement TAPSOBA" <>
    Originally dated: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 11:15:58 +0100

    The editorial staff of "Ecrans d'Afrique" would like to say a few words
    about the debate which was started by Mr. Steve Smith about our

    "Ecrans d'Afrique" is a quarterly magazine which is bilingual. It was
    launched by FEPACI and it is financed by Italian organization COE.
    It is published in both French and English because Fepaci is a
    pan-African institution which works in those two languages. The
    editorial staff has been receiving press articles in both French and
    English, and all we do here is get them translated in French when the
    original version is English and vice-versa.

    Our objective here is to faithfully share some information sent to us
    with the reader.

    The editorial staff will not make comments on the different arguments on
    the translation of our announcement which Mr. Smith used as an excuse to
    drop his subscription to "Ecrans d'Afrique". We just want to thank those
    who showed their sympathy. Special thanks to Mr. Steve Smith and to
    Fespaco; they enabled us to know that so many people are interested in
    what we are doing.

    To MMe Sandra M. GAYSON.

    We will be very happy to publish your articles in any of the rubrics of
    the magazine. For instance, we have three under which contributions
    from outside the editorial staff come:

    1 - In depth analysis and criticism about film, themes and problems linked
    African and diaspora cinema.

    2 - From one glance to another -- Different or opposite views on African
    and diaspora cinema in general, or on some films.

    3 -Other screens -- News about cinema from the diaspora or any
    other cinemas which experience may inspire professionals on the

    Informations about "Ecrans d'Afrique" 1997 subscription:

    Annual subscription 1997:
    3 issues, including one double issue
    Africa: FF 120 Europe:FF 150 Rest of the world: FF 180

    Annual subscription 1997 + 1 poster catalogue
    Africa: FF 270 Europe: FF 310 Rest of the world: FF 360

    Payment by.
    - cheque in French francs payable to FEPACI to be returned to:
    COE - Via Lazzaroni, 8 -20124 -Milano- Italia

    - Bank transfer in french Francs payable to:
    FEPACI - Bank account N.200.168450/0 Credito Italiano - Milano- Italy

    Regards to everybody,

    Clement Tapsoba
    African screen
    Editorial staff in Ouagadougou
    01, bp 2524, Ouagadougou, 01
    Burkina Faso
    Tel: (226) 31 02 58
    Fax: (226) 31 18 59
    Well, this exciting exchange has brought in about 5 requests for how to
    subscribe to Ecrans d'Africa. I'm responding to most individually as well.
    Hopefully also the feedback about the English also will help build the
    magazine. We need all the resources we can get in spreading information and
    helping build the African film industry. But we need quality. African
    cinema can and must produce top quality work. I hope also that many of the
    voices of support for the magazine can be called upon to work with them and
    improve their English translation quality.

    I'll be renewing my subscription, I'll go with the flow and re-up for
    another year. So we end up ahead in many ways due to this discussion -
    almost a half dozen new subscriptions, a message delivered about quality
    translations, and it has been great to see so much interest and action in
    the "Afcin" listserver.

    Steve Smith

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