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    Originally from: Suzanne MacRae <>
    Originally dated: Thu, 14 Aug 97 08:38:00 PDT

    Hello, Julie. Congratulations on your journal. I am unclear from your
    message whether the upcoming special issue of Border/Lines will use
    material ONLY on Black Canadian films and films shown at the Toronto
    Festival OR if you also want materials on African films in general.
    Thank you for your clarification.
    Suzanne MacRae

    On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Kenneth W. Harrow wrote:

    > Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 18:47:35 +0000
    > From: Julie <>
    > Dear friends of BorderLines Magazine and=20
    > The Toronto International Film Festival
    > We thought you might be interested in an upcoming issue of
    > Border/Lines Magazine. If you or anyone in your organization
    > are interested in contributing to this issue or you would
    > simply like to know more about it, please get in touch with
    > us by August 25th.=20
    > Sincerely,
    > Julie Jenkinson =20
    > Managing Editor =20
    > Border/Lines Magazine
    > Cameron Bailey
    > Guest Editor
    > ***Black Filmmaking and 1997 Toronto International Film Festival***
    > A Special Issue of Border/Lines Magazine
    > Publication date: February/March 1998
    > Border/Lines will publish a special issue in conjunction
    > with the Planet Africa and Perspective Canada program of the
    > Toronto International Film Festival.=20
    > Planet Africa is devoted to films from Africa and, more
    > importantly for our magazine, the African diaspora. Launched
    > in 1995 the series has grown into a strong force featuring
    > leading as well as emerging filmmakers from around the
    > world. To this point, in our country, it has not had an
    > accompanying text which emphasizes, disseminates and
    > critiques the program from a Canadian perspective. We will
    > also look at black filmmakers and their films included in
    > the Film Festival1s Perspective Canada program.=20
    > This issue promises to be an invaluable collection of work
    > by leading Canadian cultural critics and cultural
    > practitioners=D0those who specialize in Black Canadian popular
    > cultural and filmmaking. Border/Lines will present this
    > material through reviews, feature stories, literary works
    > and photography. For International Film Festival aficionados
    > as well as those interested in Canadian culture generally,
    > this issue will be a must.=20
    > Because of our Utne Reader Award we have increased our distribution=20
    > and have an expanded profile thus you can be assured that publicity=20
    > will be generated and an international audience found for this special=20
    > publication.
    > Deadline for intent to contribute: August 25, 1997
    > Julie Jenkinson 416-534-3224 or

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