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    This is a bit tangential, but should interest some of our subsciribers
    cheers, Steve Smith, moderator
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    date: Tues, 12 Aug 1997
    from: H-AfrTeach editors

    New H-Net Network:
    We are pleased to announce the official launch of H-AfrTeach,
    a new H-Net network considering the possibilities and problems
    involved in teaching about Africa.

    With the help of our subscribers' advice and contributions,
    H-AfrTeach will build a website for teachers at all levels of
    education. We plan to provide grade-appropriate resources and
    information about Africa, as well as support for innovative
    teaching about the entire continent.

    The H-AfrTeach webpage may be found at:

    We invite you to visit the site and send us your reactions,
    suggestions, and contributions at <>.

    Because H-AfrTeach editors believe teaching about Africa often
    involves similar issues and questions, no matter the level of
    our students--from elementary to university--we also sponsor a
    moderated discussion list to explore teaching about the entire

    Subscription to the H-AfrTeach discussion list is free, and we
    welcome subscribers with diverse interests and backgrounds. To
    subscribe, you may complete the interactive membership survey
    on our webpage, found at:

    Or you may request a survey by e-mail. Send a message to:

    with only this message:

    sub h-afrteach

    You will receive the membership survey by return e-mail. When
    you have completed it, please return it to us at:

    H-AfrTeach is made possible by H-Net, Humanities & Social
    Sciences OnLine, and is an outreach service supported by the
    African Studies Centers at Michigan State University, Boston
    University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

    H-AfrTeach has a staff of volunteer editors and an editorial
    board, each representing a broad range of interests and
    backgrounds, including teachers, professors and students.

    The founding editors are:

    Mel Page, East Tennessee State University

    Barbara Brown, Boston University

    John Metzler, Michigan State University

    Brenda Randolph, Africa Access

    Ali Dinar, University of Pennsylvania

    Shannon Vance, Michigan State University

    You may reach all of us at the H-AfrTeach editorial address:

    We look forwarding to welcoming you to H-AfrTeach!

    The Editors

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