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    You might consider contacting ANNE MUNGAI in Nairobi. She made a film
    called SAIKATI, which had many technical faults, but a good rite of
    passage theme. Saikati refuses to marry the (Masai) chief's son and
    runs away to the city with her cousin. Eventually she returns to the
    countryside, but more empowered to manage her own life. The number
    that I have for Anne, in Kenya, is ++254 2 560-159 (h), 501-732 (o),
    750-329 (fax). Her address is P.O. Box 47779, NAIROBI. She is
    currently working on SAIKATI II, the script anyway.

    [PS from Steve Smith, DSR has the distribution rights to Saikati, but so far
    we have only second class quality VHS videos, we are awaiting a new master
    from Anne soon.]
    From: "Frances K. Gateward"
    Sent: 15 August 1997 18:15

    As some of you may remember, Robert Kolker posted a message
    regarding the 1998 Society for Cinema Studies Conference.
    It takes place in San Diego, California from April 4-7. The
    theme - Mediating Borders.

    Rather than interpreting in only as media and national
    boundaries, I would like to consider it in a different way:
    the movement from childhood to adulthood. I am chairing a
    panel on girl culture and coming of age films featuring
    females. Any other border crossings/transgressions within
    the topic area are welcome, as well as papers on
    international perspectives, television, and film/video
    shorts. Please send an abstract to me via email by
    September 15 to:

    Frances Gateward

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