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Sun, 24 Aug 97 11:03:00 PDT

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    I am currently producing a film on the history of exploration of East
    Africa for the BBC Natural History Unit in the U.K. The film is for a
    series called 'Being There', that uses the writings of explorers and
    others, set to natural history footage, to paint an atmospheric
    portrait of a continent, and its wildlife, as seen through the eyes of
    the explorers.

    I am looking for beautifully written, evocative quotes from explorers,
    travellers / settlers, who have written about their experiences in
    East Africa (Kenya / Tanzania).
    I am particularly interested in quotes that describe the author's
    emotional response to the place, to the landscape, or to the wildlife.
    The idea of the film is to evoke a sense of what it is, or was, like
    to be in East Africa.

    If you have a favourite quote, or piece of writing that you think would
    be suitable, please let me know.
    I'd love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts to me by e-mail
    at :

    Thank you in advance for your help and interest in the project.

    Sarah Byatt.
    (Producer, 'Being There', BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol, UK)
    (This message was kindly forwarded to you, on my behalf, by Amber
    Vogel, who is currently helping me with research for the film.)

    Amber Vogel
    The Journal of African Travel-Writing

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