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Thu, 28 Aug 97 11:57:00 PDT

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    Dear Friends,

    The 1997 edition of Africa Film & TV Yearbook/Directory is now available.
    Its available free with a subscription to the quarterly magazine at the
    following prices for the specified regions. Zimbabwe Z$480, Rest of Africa
    R240/GBSterling 38, Europe GBSterling 39, Rest of World US$68. or as single
    copy order Z$360, R180, GBSterling 20, US$33.
    Please send your orders to att: Newton Musara, Distribution Manager, by
    email or by post to Z Promotions Pvt Ltd, Box 6109, Harare, Zimbabwe.
    Payment is accepted in the form of bankers cheques or money/Postal orders
    made payable to Z Promotions Pvt Ltd.

    Thank you.

    Newton Musara

    Africa Film & TV P.O. Box 6109
    Tel+263-4-726795 Harare
    Fax+263-4-726796 Zimbabwe

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