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About: URTNA Screen and market Dec 8-11, 1997 in Nairobi

Fri, 19 Sep 97 16:53:00 PDT

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    Originally dated: Fri, 19 Sep 97 16:53:00 PDT

    I just got a letter from URTNA inviting DSR to participate in the African
    Television Programme Market (MAP-TV) in Nairobi Dec 8-11, 1997. The market
    is being organized in conjunction with the 8th URTNA Screen. I was also
    sent a 2-page Participation Form and a 5-page terms and conditions that
    covers the market objectives, participants, regulations, fees, other
    services, payment, entries, shipping and customs, and correspondence. The
    deadline is Oct 31. I would be happy to fax these forms to anyone
    interested in knowing more about the program, or you can contact the URTNA
    Programme Exchange Centre by fax at 254-2-24 19 54, phone at 254 2 24 29 39,

    or mail at PO Box 50518, Nairobi, Kenya. They are physically based in the
    Kenyatta International Conference Centre in downtown Nairobi.

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