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    The Radio-Television-Film Department and College of Communication
    University of Texas at Austin
    Conference on

    Re-Developing Communication for Social Change:
    Issues of Power, Gender and Practice

    June 12-13, 1998

    The Radio-Television-Film Department and College of Communication at the
    University of Texas at Austin will host a conference on "Re-Developing
    Communication for Social Change," June 12-13, 1998. The conference will
    focus on the three central themes of power, gender and practice.
    Conference participants will discuss current scholarship on the role of
    power in models of social change; the role of gender in development
    communication; the role of women as subjects or as participants in
    communication interventions; and evaluations of projects and mediated
    strategies to promote social change.

    Please submit extended abstracts (no more than 800 words) of papers to
    present at this conference by January 15, 1998. For more detailed
    information, please contact: Karin Wilkins, Ph.D., Department of
    Radio-Television-Film, CMA 6.118, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
    78712-1091, USA; Telephone: 512-471-2007; Fax: 512-471-4077; Email:

    Karin G. Wilkins
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Radio-Television-Film
    University of Texas
    Austin, TX 78712-1091, USA

    Phone: 512-471-2007
    Fax: 512-471-4077

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