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Wed, 24 Sep 97 18:46:00 PDT

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    Originally from: Manu Herbstein
    Originally dated: Wed, 24 Sep 97 18:46:00 PDT

    GBCTV (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, P O Box
    1633, Accra) screens "By the Fireside" every
    Saturday afternoon. Maame Dorkeno tells Anansesem
    to a group of children, some of whom act out the
    story. Plenty of singing and dancing and fun with
    a clearly stated moral at the end. Length about 30
    minutes. The language alternates between English
    and Twi. I heard sometime ago that some of the
    episodes have been subtitled.
    The best contact information I can offer is as
    follows: GBCTV, P. O Box 1633, Accra, Ghana.
    Telephone (233 21) 221161
    (switchboard) 224740 (Director General) 227385
    (Director of Music and Culture).
    Other possible contacts: W. E. du Bois Centre (233
    21) 772769 (Ms. Remel Moore)
    National Commission for Culture (Prof. Kwame
    Arhin, (233 21) 668360) If you have no luck send
    me an e-mail message and I will pass on your
    Manu Herbstein, P. O. Box C697, Cantonments,
    Accra, Ghana. Tel (233 21) 773978 Fax (233 21)

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