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Thu, 02 Oct 97 17:40:00 PDT

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    I got a message today from Carmela Garritano who works at the African Media

    Program at Michigan State University. She is looking for the distributors
    for several African films.

    The MSU Program is sponsoring a workshop called African Film and
    Videotape in the Arts and Humanities Curriculum. Using several films in
    the workshop which they cannot locate. The films are

    Camera d'Afrique (VHS with English subtitles)
    Peasant Letter (with English subtitles)

    As a part of the workshop, they are setting up booths were participants can
    up distributor information. If anyone would like include some
    information in the exhibit, please contact her as well

    Please contact:
    Carmela Garritano
    African Media Program

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