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Tue, 7 Oct 1997 07:47:35 -0700 (PDT)

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    Hi Steve,
    In response to your query, I'm forwarding to your list some info about our
    list and how to subscribe. Thanks Emmanuel

    => ****************************
    => Announcement of H-AfrLitCine
    => ****************************
    => H-AfrLitCine is a free international electronic discussion group
    => sponsored by H-Net (Humanities-On-Line), H-AFRICA, and
    => officially sponsored by the African Literature Association.
    => H-AfrLitCine emphasizes both the study and teaching of African
    => literature and cinema. Completely non-commercial and
    => non-partisan, H-AfrLitCine encourages a wide-ranging exchange of
    => ideas and information on African literature and cinema.
    => H-AfrLitCine might also be compared to an ongoing, moderated
    => "roundtable" discussion with participants from any part of the
    => world.
    => H-AfrLitCine invites contributions from individuals engaged in
    => the study of any region of the continent. We expect informed
    => discussions of teaching and research at all levels of interest
    => and complexity. Subscribers may submit questions, comments,
    => reports and replies. H-AfrLitCine publishes research reports
    => and inquiries (including dissertation and thesis abstracts),
    => syllabi and course materials, bibliographies, listings of new
    => sources, library and archive information, and non-commercial
    => announcements of books, software, cd-roms, and other
    => resources in the field. H-AfrLitCine also publishes
    => announcements of conferences, fellowships, jobs, and
    => commissioned reviews of books, films, and software. H-
    => AfrLitCine will establish databases relevant to African cinema,
    => containing information on African films and on distribution
    => sources. H-AfrLitCine will also hold discussions of literary
    => texts and of films.
    => Currently, H-AfrLitCine is co-edited by Professors Kenneth W.
    => Harrow of Michigan State University, Sandra Barkan of the
    => University of Iowa, Robert Cancel of the University of
    => California at San Diego, Thomas A. Hale of Pennsylvania State
    => University, Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol of the University of
    => Wisconsin, Aliko Songolo of the University of Wisconsin,
    => Emmanuel Yewah of Albion College, and Eugene Baer of Wisconsin
    => Lutheran College. The network is also advised by an
    => editorial board of international scholars broadly representative
    => of the state of the discipline. H-AfrLitCine is officially
    => sponsored by the African Literature Association.
    => Like all academic journals and newsletters, and most H-Net
    => lists, H-AfrLitCine is moderated by the editors to filter out
    => inappropriate posts. All submissions must be approved by the
    => editors, who will not send out to the general membership
    => personal attacks (or "flames"), irrelevant material (such as
    => subscription requests, which will be handled privately),
    => commercial announcements, or items that do not further the
    => professional and scholarly dialogue.
    => If you wish to join H-AfrLitCine, please send a message to:
    => (with no subject line) and only this text:
    => sub h-afrlitcine firstname lastname, institution
    => Capitalization does not matter, but spelling, spaces and commas
    => do. When you include your own information, the message will look
    => something like this:
    => sub h-afrlitcine Art Schwartz, Ball State U
    => After sending your subscription request, you will receive a short
    => questionnaire which must be completed and returned to confirm
    => your subscription. The information requested in this
    => questionnaire tells us about your professional interests and
    => activities and will serve as essential information for a
    => directory of H-AfrLitCine subscribers. When you return the
    => questionnaire the editors will add your name, and postings will
    => arrive automatically in your e-mail.
    If you have any questions or experience any difficulties in
    attempting to subscribe, please send a message to:
    tel: 517-353-7243; fax-517-353-3755
    Note: All specific cinema information from this list is cross posted to our
    African Cinema Conference, but there is lots of additional good stuff on
    African literature, etc that you should subscribe directly for. regards,
    Steve Smith

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