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Wed, 08 Oct 97 16:51:00 PDT

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    I got the catalog from the World Bank of the videos they have available.
    They have hundreds of documentaries as well as raw footage available at low
    prices. In looking through the catalog, I saw three videos on internet
    development in Africa that looked interesting. So I called them, and sent
    them a check and a week or two later I got the videos. There is some common

    footage in them and getting all three is a bit redundant, but they are not
    expensive and are good additions to my collection of African videos. They
    were all made in 1996, but seem pretty current and still relevant to me.
    Here is the synopsis given in the Bank's catalog. As you see, one video
    covers all of Africa - well 5-6 countries, and the other two focus on
    Ethiopia and Mozambique.

    Original footage from Egypt, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Senegal, and South
    Africa to showcases UNECAS's African Information Society Initiative, an
    Action Framework to Build Africa's Information and Communication
    Infrastructure. Includes interviews with leading African politicians
    including Ethiopia's Speaker of the House of Representatives Dawit Yohannes;

    Mozambique's President Joaquim Chissano and Prime Minister Pascoal Mocumbi,
    and South Africa's Deputy President Thabo Mbeki and Minister of Posts,
    Telecommunications and Broadcasting Jay Niadoo; members of UNECA's
    High-Level Working Group on Information and Communications Technologies in
    Africa, Hisham El Sherif (Egypt), Momar Aly Ndiaye (Senegal), and Mike
    Jensen (South Africa); and leading networkers including Nancy Hafkin
    (UNECA), Venancio Massingue (Mozambique), Bob Day and Andreyete Esterhausen
    (South Africa), Ahmed Nazif, Sherif Hashem, and Nashua
    Abdel Baki (Egypt).

    Total Running Time: 25:54 Minutes
    Production Year: 1996
    Available In: $14.95
    English, French, and Portuguese
    1/2"VHS NTSC, PAL


    Mega Studies, Addis Ababa. Top Political, academic, and business
    leaders from Ethiopia and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
    discuss the role of the Internet in accelerating Ethiopia's economic and
    social development. Interviews include Dawit Johannes (Speaker of the
    Legislature), Abdulmejid Hussein (Minister of Transport and Communication),
    Dawit Bekele (University of Addis Ababa), Nancy Hafkin and Adam Lisham

    Total Running Time: 17:40 Minutes
    Production Year 1996
    Available In: English only $14.95
    1/2" VHS NTSC, PAL

    Includes interviews with top political leaders high-lighting the role
    which the Internet is playing and can play in accelerating Mozambique's
    economic and social development. These leaders include Joaquim Chissano
    (President), Pascoal Mocumbi (Prime Minister), Bernardo Ferraz (Minister for

    Coordination of Action and the Environment), Rui Fernandes (President,
    Telecommunications of Mozambique), Grace Machel (widow of independent leader

    Samora Machel), Brazao Mazula (Rector of Eduardo Mondlane University), and
    Venancio Massingue (Director of the Center for Informatics, Eduardo
    Mondlane University).

    Total Running Time: 27 Minutes
    Production Year: 1996
    Available In: $14.95
    English and Portuguese

    Contact The World Bank
    Film and Video Unit
    External Affairs Department
    1818 H Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20433, USA
    tel 202 473 2149
    fax 202 522 2632

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