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Thu, 23 Oct 97 14:40:00 PDT

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    From: Sarah Shoenfeld, Blackside Inc.
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    I am a researcher at Blackside, producers of the documentary
    series "Eyes on the Prize" and several other successful series.
    We are currently producing a series on Africa and are
    considering making it into a telecourse.

    Does anyone know who to contact regarding the telecourse
    version of Basil Davidson's "Africa" series, a documentary
    produced in 1984 by RM Arts in London along with Nigerian
    Television? RM Arts has not responded to my request for

    Also, has anyone used the Basil Davidson series in African
    Studies courses or administered it as a telecourse? What is your
    opinion of it? Do you know of others who have used it? Where did
    you get the print materials to go with it and are they good?

    Please contact me directly at the address above. Thanks for any
    information you can provide.

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