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    My name is David Jacobs, and I am a senior radio/television/film major at
    Northwestern University. Professor Irene Davis suggested I subscribe,
    because of where my interests lie, Africa. I see a land very rich in
    music, culture, as well as the natural life processes. In looking at the
    direction I want my life to go, I realize that the most important thing I
    can do is to keep learning. Through my experiences I can help teach others
    about this fascinating world we live in. I hear in Africa the roots of a
    lot of music. It holds a sound that speaks from the heart, sounds that are
    honest, and true to life. Outside of the urban centers of Africa is a land
    where humans and nature have to co-exist, living off of one another, as the
    elements continually give and take. I want to be a part of documenting
    anyone or anything in Africa through film. If anyone knows of any
    production companies or individuals who are involved in this work, I would
    love to get in contact with them. Thank you.

    Peter Sperling
    Northwestern University

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