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    > Subject: Re: Images Caraibes
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    > Hi,
    > I am afraid Images Caraibes does not exist anymore.
    > But in 1996, a young filmmaker of Guadeloupe Mrs Lydia Rene-Corail
    > had
    > created a new Festival in the area. The second Festival of Cinema and
    > Visual Arts of Guadeloupe was held from 21 to 29 November 1997.
    > This year, the theme was Cinema and Music. There was a very good
    > selection of films from Cuba, Brazil, Mexique, Guyana, Carribean
    > Islands
    > and Africa:
    > Latino bar, Tieta do brazil for example.
    > Contact:
    > Lydia Rene-Corail
    > Aux Arts Citoyens!
    > 1701 Chemin de Barbotteau
    > 97170 Petit-Bourg
    > Guadeloupe.
    > Regards

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