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    > From: Emmanuel Yewah, Albion
    > From: Carmela Garritano <>
    > The African Media Program at Michigan State University needs your
    > help! We would like to know:
    > titles (and distributors) of any African films you use
    > for teaching Swahili, French or English language and literature;
    > approaches you use to incorporate film in language and
    > literature courses;
    > Your suggestions would be used (with credit to you) in a workshop,
    > in
    > conjunction with Xavier University of Louisiana, on African Film
    > and
    > Video for Teaching French, English, and Swahili Language and
    > Literature. The workshop is designed to strengthen and improve
    > undergraduate instruction by providing college faculty with methods
    > and strategies for incorporating high quality African film and video
    > into
    > language and literature instruction at all levels.
    > Workshop participants will:
    > view African film and video;
    > attend presentations on the use of narrative and ethnographic
    > film in French, English, and Swahili language and literature
    > instruction, and
    > receive curricular materials on using African film in
    > undergraduate
    > language and literature classrooms at all
    > instructional levels.
    > This workshop grows out of our belief that African film offers
    > language students at all levels opportunities to see and hear
    > French, English,
    > and Swahili used in the context of African cultures. Most
    > importantly,
    > the implementation of African film in the classroom gives students a
    > sense of authentic language usage that is not easily conveyed in
    > standard
    > instructional materials. The incorporation of ethnographic and
    > feature film into foreign language and literature instruction is not
    > intended
    > to replace aspects of pedagogy already in place, but to provide
    > additional tools for language learning at introductory, intermediate,
    > and
    > advanced levels. African film provides a valuable resource for
    > teaching
    > language students about the African cultures in which French,
    > English, and
    > Swahili speakers live.
    > Workshop activities include:
    > a discussion of the pedagogical and practical issues surrounding
    > the use of African film in language and literature instruction;
    > concurrent sessions devoted to specific applications of African
    > film in French, Swahili, and English courses;
    > plenary sessions on African media for both Africanist and
    > non-Africanist instructors of language and literature;
    > film showings to provide participants with the opportunity to
    > view African media.
    > If you would like information about attending the workshop, or if
    > you
    > have suggestions about Swahili films, please contact Carmela
    > Garritano at
    > or John Metzler at

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