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    > 7th Annual Graduate Student Symposium
    > February 15, 1998
    > We are currently accepting proposals for paper presentations
    > at the University of Iowa Graduate Student Symposium. Abstracts
    > for research in progress, preliminary field experience findings, or
    > completed research papers, should be 250-300 words in length.
    > Papers to be presented can be from any discipline dealing with
    > Africa or any of the African Diasporas.There is a preference for
    > papers dealing with expressive culture with strong visual
    > presentation. Papers presented at the symposium will be considered
    > for publication.
    > Acceptance is competitive and based on the quality of the abstract
    > and
    > proposed topic. While this is a graduate level symposium, submissions
    > from undergraduate students with a professor's recommendation will
    > be considered.
    > We strongly encourage students who are not presenters to attend. The
    > Symposium provides an opportunity to exchange news and ideas for
    > research opportunities with other graduate students from across the
    > country. Additionally, University of Iowa faculty specializing in
    > the
    > study of African Arts and Cultures participate and offer advice and
    > criticism.
    > Travel Grants up to $250 are available on a competitive as-needed
    > basis.
    > To apply for a Travel Grant, submit a written request along with the
    > abstract. Meals will be provided, and we will try to assist with
    > lodging.
    > Notification of Travel Grant awards and lodging assistance will
    > accompany the acceptance letter.
    > The submission deadline is January 20, 1998. Along with the
    > abstract,
    > please include a phone number and your e-mail address or FAX number
    > for acceptance notification. Notification will go out via e-mail or
    > FAX on January 23,1998.
    > Mail submissions to:
    > Graduate Student African Symposium
    > c/o Dr. Christopher Roy
    > University of Iowa
    > School of Art and Art History
    > E-100 Art Building
    > Iowa City, IA 52242
    > For questions contact: Moira West ( or
    > Brigitte Hecker
    > (

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