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    > From: Carmela Garritano <>
    > Subject: FYI:Using African Film for Teaching French, English and
    > Swahili
    > African Film and Video for Teaching French, English, and Swahili
    > Language and Literature
    > African Film and Video for Teaching French, English, and Swahili
    > Language and Literature is a workshop sponsored by the African Studies
    > Center at Michigan State University (MSU) and Xavier University of
    > Louisiana. We invite you to attend the workshop on Thursday, March 12
    > - Saturday, March 14, 1998 at Xavier University of Louisiana in
    > festive New Orleans.
    > We are pleased to announce that there is no registration fee.
    > An explosion in the number of stereotypical media images of Africa
    > gives the average student a distorted perception of Africa. In
    > addition,
    > although Africa is the second largest continent in size and
    > population, it is the most underrepresented of the world's regions and
    > the
    > least studied in American schools. For these reasons, African film
    > offers
    > educators a medium through which they can help students develop a more
    > accurate understanding of the diverse and dynamic cultures of Africa
    > The workshop is designed to strengthen and improve undergraduate
    > instruction by providing strategies for incorporating high quality
    > African film and video into undergraduate French, English, and
    > Swahili language and literature instruction.
    > This workshop builds on the continuing national service of the MSU
    > African Media Program.
    > Workshop participants will:
    > view African film and video;
    > attend presentations on the use of narrative and ethnographic film
    > in French, English, and Swahili language and literature
    > instruction,and
    > receive curricular materials on using African film in undergraduate
    > language and literature classrooms.
    > This workshop originates from our belief that African film offers
    > language students at all levels opportunities to see and hear French,
    > English, and Swahili used in the context of African cultures. Most
    > importantly,
    > African film in the classroom gives students a sense of authentic
    > language usage not easily conveyed in most instructional materials.
    > African film provides a valuable resource for exposing language
    > students
    > to the rich and dynamic African cultures in which French, English, and
    > Swahili speakers live.
    > The incorporation of ethnographic and feature film into foreign
    > language and literature instruction is not intended to replace aspects
    > of pedagogy already in place, but to provide additional tools for
    > language learning at
    > introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels.
    > Workshop activities include:
    > a discussion of the pedagogical and practical issues surrounding
    > the use of African film in language and literature instruction;
    > concurrent sessions devoted to specific applications of African film
    > in French, Swahili, and English courses;
    > plenary sessions on African media for both Africanist and
    > non-Africanist instructors of language and literature;
    > film showings to provide participants with the opportunity to view
    > African
    > media.
    > Workshop Speakers Include:
    > Anthony Ciccone, Professor of French and Directot of the Center for
    > Institutional and Professional Development, University of Wisconsin,
    > Milwaukee
    > Maureen Eke, Assistant Professor of English, Central Michigan
    > University
    > Lioba Moshi, Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of the
    > African Language Program, University of Georgia
    > Emmanuel Yewah, Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign
    > Languages, Albion College
    > On Thursday, participants will begin to register for the workshop at
    > Xavier
    > University at 1 p.m. The opening session will take place at 4 p.m. A
    > reception will follow. Friday and Saturday sessions take place at
    > Xavier University.
    > Workshop participants will stay ay the Ramada Plaza Hotel in New
    > Orleans's Garden District. Special workshop rate: $80 single; $89
    > double.
    > Participants must be registered with the hotel before February 1, 1998
    > in
    > order to qualify for this rate. Call the Ramada Plaza at
    > 1-800-443-4675.
    > If you would like more information on the workshop or if you would
    > like to
    > register for the workshop, please contact Carmela Garritano at
    > or John Metzler at
    > Workshop participants must be registered with Michigan State
    > University by February 1, 1998.

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