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    > xposted from H-NET List for African Literature and Cinema
    > From: MIRIAM_TESCHL <>
    > As the co-cordinator of a conference with the title "Sketch of an
    > African
    > Portrait. An attempt of a basic reflection to identify men and
    > culture" I
    > would like to present it in the H-Net. I am open for any advice I can
    > get
    > about writers, producers and other artists (plus their address), who
    > could be interested in this conference.........
    > The aim of the conference lies in the first place to emerge from the
    > one-sided viewpoint of Africa, that means Africa and the famine, the
    > dictator-ships, the under-development, etc. We want to try to sketch
    > a
    > holistic, all-embracing portrait of Africa. This conference shall not
    > only
    > be a political reflection, but also a cultural, social, economical
    > and
    > above all a reflection on humanity.
    > The themes will be
    > A. History:
    > Historical background of the today's Africa, under the consideration
    > of
    > African historians, beginning with the pharaonian Egypt, through the
    > different kingdoms, the Nubie, Ghana, Mali, Kusch, Adamoua, Congo,
    > Angola
    > one, to the occurrences of this century with colonisation,
    > independece,
    > civil wars and other events. A historical working up, so to reach to
    > a
    > definition of Africa in all her cultural, social, and political
    > viewpoints, shall be the fundamental of all the following
    > discussions.
    > Who
    > are the African "heroes", who influenced and formed the political
    > landscape and the way of thinking of African people? We would like to
    > listen to eyewitness reports or respectively hear about those men and
    > women, who fought and fight for a modern, self-reliant Africa and her
    > values.
    > B. Society:
    > The traditional African society shall be explained, its structure,
    > its
    > function and its conflicts with the imported democracy model...
    > Which role play women in the society between all this different and
    > changing world, tradition and religion pectures of the past and the
    > modern
    > times. How can it come to thos drastical decline of values in the
    > African
    > society which leads to corruption and abuse of power inside the
    > government, the administration, and the economy? What kind of methids
    > and
    > ideas can be applied to stop this mismanagement?
    > C. Art, Mythology, Literature, Religion
    > What kind of mythology and religion do we talk about? What does those
    > cultural components mean to an African today? Artists should tell
    > mythologies and their significance and implication African art.
    > Writers,
    > often go to exile because their poetry, prose and appeals are still
    > unwelcome. They should talk about freedom, liberties and duties of
    > the
    > people in a self-confident Africa.
    > D. Economy
    > With what kind of economic model is Africa compatible? African
    > economists should talk about an African solution......
    > So if you have any ideas about books to read, films to watch, people
    > to know, writers to invite...... please let me know!

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