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    > xposted from H-NET List for African Literature and Cinema
    > From: (California Newsreel)
    > The 1998 LIBRARY OF AFRICAN CINEMA catalogue is now available from
    > California Newsreel. This 48 page resource guide features 12 new
    > releases and overall 40 African-produced feature films, documentaries
    > and television productions from Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Zimbabwe,
    > South Africa, Guinea, Namibia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tunisia and
    > other countries.
    > Catalogues were mailed in November and December, if you have not yet
    > received yours, please contact us with your snail-mail address for a
    > copy:
    > California Newsreel
    > 415.621.6196
    > Highlights of the new collection include:
    > TABLEAU FERRAILLE (Director: Moussa Sene Absa, Senegal, In French and
    > Wolof with English subtitles) - A vibrant and colorful contemporary
    > moral tale involving a young politician's attempt to overcome corrupt
    > forces.
    > TAAFE FANGA (Director: Adama Drabo, Mali, In Kaado and Bambara with
    > English subtitles) - A rural farce about what can happen when gender
    > roles are reversed. A prizewinnig film championing women's rights.
    > CLANDO (Director: Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon, In French with English
    > subtitles) - A young man confronts a dilemma facing more and more
    > educated African - whether to work to change the autocratic regimes
    > at
    > home or seek their fortunes abroad.
    > DAKAN (Director: Mohamed Camara, Guinea, In French and Mandikan with
    > English subtitles) - The first feature film from sub-Saharan Africa
    > on
    > male homosexuality. A sensitive and sympathetic treatment of the
    > subject.
    > Rajaonarivelo,
    > Madagascar, In French and Malagasy with English subtitles) - A young
    > man with supernatural powers searches for his place in the world in
    > the visually stunning landscape of Madagascar.
    > FLAME (Director: Ingrid Sinclair, Zimbabwe, In English) - The
    > controversial rendering of Zimbabwe's war of independance from the
    > perspective of female combatants. This film survived government
    > attempts at censorship.
    > EVERYONE'S CHILD (Director: Tsitsi Dangarembga, Zimbabwe, In English)
    > - Through the tragic story of one Zimbabwean family devastated by
    > AIDS, this film presents the impact of the epidemic on the African
    > continent.
    > AFRICA DREAMING (Directors: Richard Pakleppa, Abderrahman Sissako,
    > Joseph Gai Ramaka, and Jo=93o Ribeiro; Namibia, Tunisia, Senegal, and
    > Mozambique, In Nama, Arabic, French/Wolof, and Portuguese with
    > English
    > subtitles) - In a truly Pan African production writers and directors
    > were drawn together from different parts of the continent to create
    > four short films on relationships.
    > PRIME TIME SOUTH AFRICA (South Africa, In English, Zulu. Sotho,
    > Xhosa, Venda, Shangaan, Setswana with English subtitles) - A
    > collection of the variety of television programming (public service
    > dramas, sitcoms,
    > soap operas, commercials) emerging from South Africa which reflect a
    > transition from an aparthied to "non- racial" society.
    > California Newsreel
    > 149 Ninth Street/Suite 420
    > San Francisco, CA 94103
    > phone: 415.621.6196
    > FAX: 415.621.6522
    > e-mail:
    > web address:

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