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    > ArtMattan Productions is pleased to announce the acquisition of two
    > new
    > titles. For more information please call (212) 749-6020.
    > Black Dju
    > Cape Verde/Luxembourg, 1995, 80min, drama, Portuguese & French
    > w/English
    > subtitles; by Pol Cruchten.
    > The Cape Verdian singer Cesaria Evora is the mother of Dju, a young
    > man who
    > leaves his country, Cape Verde, in search of his father, a migrant
    > African
    > worker in Luxembourg. Dju encounters an alcoholic cop (veteran actor
    > Philippe
    > L=E9otard) who becomes his partner in this tale of love and =
    > With
    > the exceptional participation of Manu Dibango.
    > LE DAMIER, Papa National Oy=E9 ! The Draughtsmen Clash
    > Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire) & Gabon; 1996; 40 min,;
    > Comedy;
    > French w/ English subtitles; Bakupa Kanyinda Balufu, dir.
    > In a parody of African dictators, this film tells the story of the
    > president
    > of a fictitious African nation who spends a sleepless night playing
    > draughts
    > with a vagabond who is claimed to be the "all-around champion".
    > However the
    > rules of the game entail opponents howling vulgar and foul =
    > at one
    > another. Can this be acted upon when the opponent is the president?=20

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