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    > Announcing the new email list, ARCHIVE-L
    > A number of members of the Society for Cinema Studies and the
    > Association
    > of Moving Image Archivists have recently come together to form a new,
    > informal group of individuals interested in the intersection of
    > concerns,
    > perspectives, and endeavors shared by archivists and academics in the
    > moving image field.
    > Such an inter-organizational group would facilitate a continual
    > process
    > within both the academic and archival communities to press for mutual
    > interests, seek one another's advice and support, and facilitate a
    > wider
    > avenue for interaction. For instance, sessions are planned for
    > future
    > AMIA and SCS conferences, allowing a greater voice for academics at
    > AMIA,
    > and for archivists in SCS. The full range of issues will be open to
    > discussion on the list, and possible topics include preservation
    > priorities and access, locations of collections, archival uses of the
    > internet, the impact of archives upon canon formation, the role of
    > the
    > archive and its collections in the creation of academic programs, the
    > growth of archival study programs in an academic environment, the
    > participation of academics in archival projects (such as the recent
    > Library of Congress Moving Image Genre-Form Guide), and publications
    > (including print and image) undertaken by archives and academics that
    > impact each other.
    > To facilitate an open, ongoing dialogue, SCS webmaster Jim Castonguay
    > and
    > Screen-L's Jeremy Butler have set up an archives listserve. To
    > subscribe to archive-l, send the message
    > subscribe archive-l
    > to the following address:
    > Best regards,
    > Jim Castonguay Brian Taves
    > Email: Email:
    > ------
    > JAY RUBY - Temple University,PO Box 128, Mifflintown, PA 17059 USA
    > fax - 717-436-9559 voice - 717-436-9502
    > My Web page is
    > Visual Anthropology Student Conference announcement -

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