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    > xposted from H-AFRLITCINE@H-NET.MSU.EDU
    > interesting back and forth, useful for those traveling to
    > Senegal...
    > cheers, Steve Smith, moderator
    > From: Anna Livia Brawn, University of Illinois
    > []
    > Date Sent: Sat, 7 Mar 1998
    > A student in my Francophone African Film
    > Course (at the University of Illinois)
    > will be visiting cousins in Senegal for
    > a month this summer. He wants to know
    > what resources there may be in Dakar for
    > him to watch African films, read more
    > about the films, meet people involved in
    > making films or teaching film. Any information
    > will be gratefully received.
    > From: Martin Taureg []
    > There is a local film festival called RECIDAK (Rencontres
    > Cinmatographiques de Dakar) which is usually taking place
    > in early July,
    > if I remember right. I have no contact address or other more
    > precise information at hand, but will inquire.
    > From: Obioma G. Nnaemeka, Indiana
    > University[]
    > Date Sent: Sat, 7 Mar 1998
    > Have your student contact Fatou Ndiaye
    > Sow when he arrives Dakar. Fatou is a
    > writer and has recently started a film
    > production company.
    > Fatou Ndiaye Sow
    > Falia Productions
    > B. P. 948
    > Dakar, Senegal
    > (Street address is 96 Cite Millionnaire)
    > Phone: +221-827-62-60
    > Fax: +221-825-23-46
    > Obioma Nnaemeka
    > From: Ken Harrow, Michigan State University
    > []
    > when I was last in Dakar, there was a fabulous collection of
    > African films
    > at the French cultural center right in downtown Dakar, and
    > the curator was
    > kind enough o let me view films there--films I could not see
    > elsewhere.
    > there is also the association des cineastes senegalaises
    > downtown, where
    > African filmmakers and their associates used to hang out. a
    > wonderful place
    > to meet young cineastes, and other. I met a man who did
    > lighting, and
    > learned about how one works under non-study conditions.
    > lastly, I understand a new association of African cinema is
    > being formed in
    > Dakar, under the auspices of mme. d'erneville maybe (not too
    > sure of her
    > name). I wonder if your student wouldn't find info at t the
    > west African
    > research association offices in downtown Dakar ( info about
    > which could be
    > obtained at the American cultural center, or through Idris
    > Makward at
    > Wisconsin or Eileen Julien at Indiana...).
    > ken harrow

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