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Wed, 25 Mar 1998 12:17:57 -0800 (PST)

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    > DSR, Inc is looking for new titles and would like to encourage anyone
    > that holds the copyright of an African title to send us a VHS to
    > review and see if it will fit in with our selection. Currently we
    > distribute about 70 titles, and have sold 17-18,000 videos and films
    > over the last ten years. We pay royalties of a few dollars per video
    > sold -- from the first video -- and cover all up-front costs of
    > getting a master for DSR, and developing packaging, etc.
    > Distribution
    > reports and checks always go out every January and July. But the
    > main
    > reason to consider us to distribute your title is getting it out.
    > Our
    > motto is a video is only as good as the number of people that see it.
    > We prefer dramatic videos over documentaries, but carry both. We
    > prefer videos made in Africa, by Africans, but they must be designed
    > for African audiences. We require reasonable technical quality, and
    > we insist on completely following international copyright
    > regulations.
    > Our focus is titles with messages on health issues, womens rights,
    > social development issues, as well as a few cultural videos. We
    > don't
    > go for sex and violence videos. Our customer base is mostly African
    > non-profits, churches, universities, and other agencies; and we also
    > sell to western universities, individuals and agencies in North
    > America and Europe. We sell directly and via a number of
    > sub-distributors.
    > If you have a video that you think would be good for DSR to
    > distribute, or if you would like a copy of our film catalog to get an
    > idea of the type of videos we distribute, please contact me at:
    > DSR, Inc
    > 6679-P Santa Barbara Rd
    > Elkridge, MD 21075, USA
    > tel: 410 540 4008 (direct)
    > 800 875 0037 x 108
    > fax: 410 579 8412
    > regards, Steve Smith

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