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    Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)
    July, 11th to 18th 1998.
    One of the most important cultural events happening in East Africa in 1998
    is undoubtedly the Zanzibar International Film Festival [ZIFF]. The theme
    for the film festival is the Dhow, an ancient sea-going vessel which for
    centuries has been bringing together in trade, commercial and cultural
    exchange the peoples of Africa, Gulf Countries, Iran, Pakistan, India, Sri
    Lanka and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Today, despite the advances in
    shipping technology, the dhow is still plying all over the region, and it
    remains the principal means of communication and a unifying symbol. In
    Zanzibar the dhow has brought the peoples and their cultures into a vibrant
    mosaic of rich and diverse influences that is Swahili culture. It is
    African. It is Arabian. It is Indian. It is Persian. It is all of these, but
    none of these. Always alluring, but always out of reach, Zanzibar is a
    magical cinematic paradise. The festival will, therefore, provide it's
    audience a unique opportunity to rediscover the origins of "Swahili" as
    portrayed through the cinemas of these Dhow Countries.
    The Programme
    ZIFF provides the inhabitants of Tanzania and East Africa a rare platform to
    watch cinematographies related to their cultural background; for the
    international audience, it will be an opportunity to look into the cultures
    of the countries around Africa and the Indian Ocean, as projected by the
    excellence of the film art. At the time of going to print, film submissions
    were pouring in from North Africa, Southern Africa, India, Iran and many
    other countries. ZIFF organisers are very proud to be presenting several
    world premieres, including the film Maangamizi, shot on 35mm on location in
    Tanzania, co-directed by Martin Mhando, a Tanzanian lecturer in film and
    television at Flinders University in South Australia and American Ron
    * The Venue

    ZIFF will be centered in the historic Stone Town of
    Zanzibar with
    taking place in the House of Wonders, Palace Museum,
    and the Old Fortress. Festival-goers will step out
    of the magic of
    movies into the wonders of Zanzibar. Its rich past
    is embodied in
    unique narrow lanes of Stone Town, the grand peeling
    palaces of the
    Sultan's era and the remains of the slave trade. Its
    is expressed in crafts, dance, drama, music and
    Swahili cuisine.
    Breathtaking palm-fringed beaches, exotic coral
    reefs, atmospheric
    plantations and rain forests frame the scene. There
    will also be an
    array of different panoramas , including a mobile
    screenings service
    26 villages in the islands of Unguja and Pemba.
    * The Competition:

    The Festival will comprise the following competitive categories:
    * The Golden Dhow Competition for new features produced by directors
    of the Dhow Countries; i.e. Africa, India, Pakistan, the Gulf Countries and
    the Indian Ocean Archipelago.
    * The Silver Dhow Competition for short features produced by directors
    of the Dhow Countries.
    * The Golden Coconut Competition for documentaries produced by
    directors of the Dhow Countries.
    * The Non-Competition:

    Panoramas of a variety of sorts will be screened during the
    These include:
    * The Sheherezade International Panorama for films exploring "illusion
    and reality". Many tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights were set in
    Zanzibar, and the island has an aura of mystique as
    a place
    of magic and
    sorcery. Nothing is what it seems - neither in Zanzibar nor in
    Films playing with illusion and reality will thus
    the very soul
    of Zanzibar.
    * Village Panoramas: Feature films, short films, videos or animations
    of extraordinary merit highlighting the urgent concerns of
    Africa and other
    Dhow Countries trying to manage their natural
    will be
    presented in a special venues and in about 26
    villages of
    Unguja and
    Pemba islands. Many films have been produced
    highlighting local problems but as yet there is no
    sustainable forum to
    enable people see these films.
    * Women and Children Rights Panoramas will be screened in special
    surroundings. These will be films made throughout Africa and other Dhow
    Countries showing some of the main problems facing
    women and
    today, with emphasis on rights and health. This
    section will
    prominence to films by women filmmakers from the
    * Children and Youth Panorama: Much of the current children's market
    is of inferior quality, violent and culturally inappropriate.
    ZIFF will
    cooperate with relevant insitutions like UNICEF, to
    a framework
    for children to view higher quality films.
    * Other Panoramas and Retrospectives: This segment will give audiences
    that special opportunity to view some of the best films that have been
    produced over the years from the rest of the region. These films are also
    meant to win more African audiences for regional filmmakers to strive to
    make better films.

    Special Focus.
    * Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright) Workshop:

    The festival will host a forum and workshop to
    highlight the
    concerns of
    Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and the
    importance of
    enforcement of
    the International Copyright Laws. Artists the world
    suffer from the
    theft of their works, but in the Dhow Countries,
    this loss
    is most
    severe. Governments and institutions throughout the
    must be made
    aware of the depth of their loss, and ZIFF hopes
    that the
    forum will
    play a major role in influencing policymakers to
    the creative
    output of filmmakers and artists in the region.
    * Children's Animations Workshop:
    ZIFF will also feature a workshop on children's animation
    Children will be invited and guided through, by experts, to
    make their own animated videos.These animations will thus be
    given a special venue at ZIFF.
    For more information contact:
    ZIFF Coordinator, P O Box 3032, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Tel: 255 54 33408 Fax:
    255 54 33406/33135, E-mail <>
    < <> > or visit our website
    at <>
    < <> > .

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